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Postit Notes, Popup Dispenser and What NOT to Do with it


Post-it Clip On Dispenser Package

So when I bought this Post-it Note Pop-up Dispenser, I really only bought it with the intention of taking a ridiculous picture with it since I personally don’t have any need to have a Post-it dispenser clipped to my car sun visor, but that doesn’t mean that someone else might not need it, so I thought I’d share.


Post-it Clip On Dispenser Back Side Removed

This is a pretty straightforward item that just works how it should.  The only real issue I had with it was trying to place the cover on the back again when I opened it up.  Getting it completely back in there was a little tough, but not impossible.  If you really need to have your Post-it note dispenser attached to something like the sun visor on your car, then this is a pretty minor issue to have to deal with.


Post-it Clip On Dispenser

The clip on Post-it dispenser comes pre-loaded with the standard size 3″x3″ canary yellow sticky notes.  The dispenser is a rubbery black…or maybe more charcoal grey.  The notes pull out quite easily and the metal clip on the back is quite sturdy and helps keep the clip in place wherever you put it


RIDICULOUS PICTURE: Post-it Clip On Dispenser – Please Dont Do This

If you are a true office supply geek you might be tempted to replace the cell phone belt holster with the Post-it Note Pop-up Dispenser but seriously…don’t do it, actually you shouldn’t have either item on your belt, but thats just me.  There are plenty of other creative ways to use the Post-it Note Pop-up Dispenser though so grab one and see what you can come up with for yourself.

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