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Postit Reminder Tile


When I first saw this Post-it Reminder Tile (buy via Amazon) I think I was probably expecting something different than what was actually in the package.  Lets take a closer look though just in case anyone else wasn’t totally clear on what these are.


The Post-it Reminder Tile is nothing more than a small pack of Post-it notes (25 to be exact) that are stuck on a plastic slab to frame them nicely.  The plastic slab measures 3 inches square and has two 3M Command strips on the back so you can stick it on something and remove it cleanly.  That’s it, not sure what I was really expecting but I guess I was expecting something more than just a plastic frame for an incredibly thin stack of Post-it notes to stick on it.


Here is a quick look at the back of the Post-it Reminder Tile so you can see the Command Strips.  They are double strips that will stick to the back of the tile and to whatever flat smooth surface you want, and the two strips stick to each other using Velcro.  On a positive note, they work and they work really well.


Writing on the Post-it Reminder Tile wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.  The first few rows of text are fairly easy and comfortable, but it quickly gets difficult to write as you work further down to the bottom since you have nowhere to rest your hand.  You also need to keep in mind that the proper writing implement is essential for this. I used a Sharpie Pen because they do well when writing in a vertical position, but many other gel or ballpoint pens not designed for this will likely fail.  If you do have the urge to get some of these Post-it Reminder Tiles make sure you are using a Sharpie Pen or maybe a Fisher Space Pen, so you don’t end up with a frustrating skip-filled writing experience.


Nothing is technically wrong with these, but I’m just not overly impressed with them either.  If that luke warm “meh” makes you want to get your wallet out and try the Post-it Reminder Tile (buy via Amazon) I think you will be equally frustrated and unimpressed.

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