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Postit Removable Label Rolls for a Better Organized Office


Post-it Label Tape Rolls in Orange and White

When I was searching for cool office supplies on Amazon, something about the Post-it Removable Label Roll really didn’t jump out at me.  I passed them over a few times before giving them a second look, and I think it might have been because of the packaging.  I finally picked up some of the Post-it Brand Removable Label Rolls, which are available in orange, white, green, and yellow so now its time to take a closer look at them.


Post-it Label Tape Roll on Folders

Each Post-it Removable Label Roll is 1 inch wide, and 700 inches long.  For the non-mathematically inclined, that is 58 feet and 4 inches of labeling goodness.  The first and most obvious thought for these is to label folders, portfolios, and notebooks which as you can see above works very well.  I did my usual testing of these by removing and reapplying them to different areas on the same item to pick up as much possible dirt and give the sticky capabilities a challenge, and these seemed to hold up really well even after about 25 times of being applied and removed.


Post-it Label Tape Roll Edges

The only thing I didn’t like about these Post-it label roll removable labels is that just like a typical roll of tape, the mechanism for ripping your selected length off is a serrated plastic edge.  This cutting method leaves you with a messy looking zig-zag pattern on each edge of your label.  Personally I don’t like the rough edge for my labels, however this is certainly not a show stopper.  It is one of those things that I wish there was an easy way for the folks at Post-it to fix so my labels can have a clean straight edge without me needing to get the scissors out.

Non-office related uses for the Post-it Removable Label Roll

Two other uses that I’ve found for the Post-it Removable Label Roll so far is for labeling the storage boxes that I just picked up for my upcoming move.  It may sound a bit silly, but I bought some nice sturdy moving boxes so I wanted to avoid writing directly on them since I will probably reuse them at some point.  The Post-it removable label roll is the perfect option for that.  I can use them as kind of an inventory list right on the box since they are removable.  As I put something in the box, I just make a new line item label for that item.  Later if I want to shift things around it is easy, or when I am ready to unpack if I do it slowly I can keep track of what is still in the boxes all without making a mess of them with a permanent marker.  My other use that I found is really a one time use, but it was a clean and neat way to solve a small problem that I had, which was with the camera on my laptop.  For some reason all the stories about hackers and school districts using the built in webcam on laptops to spy on people had me a bit paranoid.  It struck me that the Post-it removable label roll tape is the perfect width to just put right over the lense for the webcam on my laptop.  Since they don’t leave behind any residue that I’ve noticed so far, I’m not worried about ruining the finish on my laptop case.

I’m sure there are probably a million more uses for these Post-it Brand Removable Label Rolls, which makes them one of those items that no kitchen or office drawer should be without.

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