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PostIt Self Stick Cut to Fit Bulletin Board Full Pads


Post-It Self Stick Cut to Fit Bulletin Board

Not too long ago, I wrote about these Post-It Self Stick Cut to Fit Bulletin Board in one of the notes to our email subscribers.  In that email I said that I probably wouldn’t be reviewing them, but since then, curiosity got the best of me and I broke down and ordered one to get a better look at.

The board comes in charcoal (pictured in this review) beige, and burgundy and measures 2.8 square feet, or 18″ x 30″  and can be cut into any size or shape with any pair of household scissors.  The board comes with 3M Command Strips for mounting on smooth surfaces, and also with additional mounting options for fabric surfaces.  While the front surface is colored with a marble-like pattern, the back side has a grid on it to help with any trimming or reshaping that you do to fit your specific needs.


Post-It Self Stick Cut to Fit Bulletin Board with Full Notepads and a Pen

Now the really cool thing about this bulletin board is that it has a self stick surface, so you can attach note or anything you want to it.  It may be hard to tell from the photo, but those items in the picture are just hanging out there on the wall.  In my case, I wanted to give it a real test, so I stuck a Doane Paper pad and a Field Notes journal on there, along with a pen to see if it would hold, and sure enough, it did with no problems.  Eventually the pen did slip off, but I believe that is probably because the body of a pen is rounded, leaving very limited surface area to come in contact with the sticky surface of the board.  One thing I wouldn’t suggest doing with this board is putting single sheets of paper or index cards fully on the sticky surface because it can be difficult to get them back off unless you have some decent finger nails to pick at a corner with.  The best thing to do is place items like that on a part of the board that lets part of the item stick off the edge so you have something to grab at when you want to remove the item.  You will also want to be careful how you peel sheets of paper off as they can curl a bit once removed.

The Post-It Self Stick Cut to Fit Bulletin Board is definitely a pretty handy item and its great that it can be customized to fit any area of your home or office.  If you need to have quick and easy access to notes, and other small items this bulletin board literally puts things right at your fingertips for on the go access.

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