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Postit Weekly Planner Calendar Review


The Post-it Weekly Planner

I typically struggle with being organized, remembering to do things, and being motivated to do things, so whenever I see a product that looks like it can help organize my life and aid in any of those categories I’m always interested.  This Post-it Weekly Planner (via Amazon) looked to be just that tool for me.


Post-it Weekly Planner Filled Out

This wall sized Post-it weekly planner measures 17 15/16″ x 11 15/16″ and has 52 identical weekly planner sheets on it, as well as having  a row of 6 2″x2″ square Post-it notes along the right side.  Along the far left side there are lines to indicate either a family member or a type of task that you can isolate for each day of the week.  The example they give on the package is that each line on the left can be assigned to people like “Mom” or “Dad” but what I did was create groups like Work, Home, Blog, and Exercise.  Each column that represents the day of the week has a blank where you can plug in the actual date, and then color coded boxes below it with multiple lines where you can enter your tasks.  Personally I don’t really see the need for the small row of 2″x2″ Post-it notes that are on the right side, but then again if this was just a big planner with no Post-it notes, then it wouldn’t really be a Post-it product, would it?


Post-it Weekly Planner Close Up

The planner pages each rip off similar to one of those page-a-day calendars with a glue strip on the top, and they do NOT have any Post-it adhesive behind them.  The entire thing has a cardboard backing which is held up by the 3M command strips that come with it.  Personally I had no problems with it staying up, but the Amazon reviews did show two people that had an issue there.  The solution is probably to buy heavier duty command strips or some other type of mounting solution.  Overall I really do like this Post-it Weekly Planner (via Amazon) as an easy and convenient way to organize yourself.  I really love it for the simple fact that it is a large and visual way to lay out your week ahead so you can see what you have ahead of you.  It’s also nice that it doesn’t matter when you start using it since there are no fixed dates printed on it.

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