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Postpartum Depression An Overview

  • By Ross Brown
  • Published 01/16/2012
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Having a baby should be a wonderful experience. Every woman has got special plans for her baby. However, for some women the period of pregnancy turns out to be too stressful. The increasing body weight can play havoc to the mind of the would-be mother. The fear of not being able to lose weight takes over the joy of giving birth to a baby. And due to this fear women sometimes suffer from depression. After the birth of the child, it is natural to be worried about the baby. But, the ever growing fear, combined with sadness can be a matter of worry. This is known as Postpartum Depression (PPD) and many women become the victim of this mood swing. Some level of fear regarding the baby or anxiety about getting used to the new lifestyle is normal. Because of this reason, it is not always possible to detect when the new mother is suffering from PPD. There are ways to detect this illness. You will have to keep an intense watch for the symptoms of PPD.

The Symptoms: You may find the new mother crying without any reason and this sudden bout of tears is continuing for more than one week. This is one major sign of PPD. The mother may find it difficult to sleep for a stretch of long time. Consider this as another symptom of PPD. Another way of judging whether a new mother is suffering from PPD is monitoring her eating habit. She may overeat or she may not eat at all. Extreme fear for the child and over anxiety is another sign that she is suffering from PPD. Apart from these, she may be frightened of being alone, she may lose her ability to focus her mind, and she may even become detached from

the baby. These are very common, yet significant problems. Why PPD : Any experienced physician of Obstetrics Gynecology royal Palm Beach will tell you that this is a result of combined assault of biological, sociological and psychological effect. The psychological problem occurs due to the mental vulnerability of the mother. She may have a history of past depression which she may not have revealed to anyone lest people consider her mad. However, the tendency to fall prey of depression frequently was there inside her. Problem is marital life can give birth to this problem. Stressful life or financial problem can also cause this problem. This is considered to be a result of extreme hormonal changes. You will have to understand that when a woman becomes pregnant she endures not only growing stomach. Her blood pressure changes, her heart beats faster and there are other internal changes also. And finally there is the change in life. Sometimes all these changes together overwhelm the mother and send her to the depressed state of mind.

Normally PPD lasts for a couple weeks after the child birth. But, sometimes this continues more than that period. You should contact your physician from Ob Gyn royal Palm Beach in that situation.

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by Ross Brown



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