Powerup Your Body’s System with Coconut Oil


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One of the reasons why coconut was considered as “the tree of life” is because of the many health benefits it brings. Coconut oil definitely makes it accountable for that title. Coconut oil is being used in so many ways and in different purposes. In other terms, coconut oil is also known as coconut butter. These are not really surprising because coconut oil has proven itself as a powerhouse of so many healthy effects. So many people find a lot of remedies from it in many different useful ways.

The health benefits of coconut oil also goes back a long way. It is well known during ancient times. Aside from simply rubbing it off on the affected area or being used for a soothing massage, the coconut oil can also be consumed as is. Some people even use it for cooking food. In general, coconut oil helps promote good health and rejuvenation. This is also the reason why even cosmetics are using coconut oil as its main ingredient. Here are just some of the health benefits brought in by coconut oil:

Coconut oil increases metabolism — This is one of the reasons why coconut oil has been tapped to become a source of weight loss campaigns. Coconut oil does this by stabilizing the amount of sugar in the person’s blood thus making him or her minimally susceptible to acquiring diabetes. It also contains a large amount of medium chain fatty acids or MTCs which help raise the body’s metabolic rate.

Coconut oil empowers the immune system — Coconut oil is also known to be a powerhouse of acids which help raise the body’s immune level from harmful bacteria and viruses. It contains both monoglycerides and lauric acid which can also be found in breast milk. These acids are important in building up the defenses in each of the cells found within the body. In this way, these cells can easily fight off harmful toxins and prevent diseases from starting up.

Coconut oil does not cause cholesterol build up — This is also the reason why some people have adapted the use of coconut oil for cooking especially when frying. In comparison with other types of cooking oil, coconut oil does not become stale that easily. Regular types of cooking oil have unsaturated fats contained in them and these fats easily come right out of the surface when the cooking oil becomes stale even if the food was placed inside the refrigerator. The appearance of unsaturated fat is the main source of cholesterol so when the person eats the food which now contains hefty amounts of unsaturated fat, high cholesterol levels can surely follow.

Coconut oil rejuvenates — This is the reason why women like to use coconut oil on their hair and why cocoa butter lotions have also become prominent. Coconut oil has natural antioxidants that cleanse the toxins off the skin and the hair thus revealing a youthful and healthier glow. Because of this, coconut oil can also bring some temporary relief over skin allergies and rashes because it has natural cleansing properties that get rid of bacteria build up.


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