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Premium Composition Notebook The Comp

I was recently contacted about a new and improved Premium Composition Notebook (via Kickstarter) called Comp.  I’ll admit that my initial thought was to pass on sharing it because my view of the standard composition notebook isn’t that great.  Upon closer look though, if everything on the Kickstarter page plays out as planned, this looks like an incredible upgrade.

If you want a great history and background of the original composition notebook, I hope you watched the Kickstarter video and read the campaign page too.  In terms of what they did here, its pretty impressive, again thats assuming everything works out with the campaign.  Everything about this Premium Composition Notebook appears to be worlds better than the originals.  The binding is upgraded, the paper is upgraded to 120gsm, the cover material is upgraded, even the marble print on the cover was optimized. These look really impressive, but check it out here on Kickstarter for yourself.

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