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Premium Rush, another Streetnavigating Sense in New York

  • By Zetasler you
  • Published 01/7/2013

Each year, the Hollywood movies never lack the thrilling stories and popular stars. In recent years, Joseph Gordon-Levitt may be a heat topic in the world of American movies. This year, along with the world’s famous producer David Koepp who produced the Mission Impossible, Jurassic true blood dvd Park and Spider-man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt once again brings an amazing movie to us – the Premium Rush. It is a thrilling story about Fixed Gear talking about a bike messenger in New York City. Because of a mysterious letter, he is crazily chased by various people. Although it sounds stereotype, this new movie should be expected with lots of breathtaking scenes.

As its title indicates, the Premium Rush is an ultimate film. As we know, the bike massagers are the low-tech daredevils whose everyday job is to zip through the gnarled clusters of traffic to send two and a half men dvd their massages to the destination at the irresponsible speeds. In the New York City, Wilee is

a bike massager who is faster, cockier and more fearless than other else, thanks to his converted bike, skillful trick-cycling and sensitive action. One day, a woman asks him to take a very important dispatch to Chinatown within 90 minutes. But he is stopped by polices on his way. They ask Wilee to give that dispatch out in any means. Wilee has no choice. He has to apart the envelope secretly and discovers an amazing secret. Then, can Wilee finish this job in 90 minutes? He can be faster than the underworld and polices? Something thrilling is happening to the Manhattan…

The Premium Rush has given us an exciting visual effect by combining the extreme sports with the bike. It will also give a real experience with its live action, instead of the CGI. The so you think you can dance dvd extreme sport elements, like the jump, rollover, dodge and other actions, make this movie more breathtaking but authentic. Undoubtedly, the most appealing plots are those running scenes. You will certainly scream out when you see Wilee is chased by some cars. The Premium Rush has a bit short on the story. You may feel confused about it, but has genuine fun at times. 


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