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Preparing to test Metallic Markers Any Suggestions


I’m preparing a review of metallic markers and wanted to get some reader feedback in terms of possible tests and brands besides the ones pictured here and below.  My purpose for testing these metallic markers is to see how they hold up on photograph paper for autographs, but I’m open to other testing suggestions so feel free to let me know your thoughts on anything regarding a potential test in the comments here.

So far I’m planning on doing two specific tests, one to test the water resistance and one to test how well the ink holds up to fading when exposed to direct light.  In the past the Bic Mark It actually held up better to light exposure than the Sharpie did, so I’m curious to see if that holds true with the metallic markers for each brand.  For now there are three metallic markers I’ve singled out for testing, all are available from Amazon via the following links:  Sharpie Metallic Markers, Bic Marking Metallic Markers, and the Staedtler Gold and Silver Metallic Markers.  One interesting thing I’ve noticed already is that there appears to be a change in the name for the Bic version, where some are labeled as “Mark it” and others are labeled as “Marking” so since I already have the “Marking” branded ones I’ve also just ordered the “Mark it” branded version too so I can test those.  If I’m missing any proven performers, please leave a note in the comments, I want to make sure I get a good sampling of metallic markers to test before I go ahead and start the testing process.  I’ll also have to give some consideration to the type of photography paper I use, but it will likely be a high gloss and a matte finish that I will test these on.  So like I said, feel free to leave your thoughts on others to include in the test or suggestions on other tests to do with these.

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