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President, has just been promoted to director of a foreign company

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 04/11/2011
  • Poetry

Some people say that sound is one of the most powerful instrument exchange. Not only that, but it is still your voice another card. So in order to excel, we can not ignore your voice. Homeland, a very beautiful shape of the President, has just been promoted to director of a foreign company. She is confident, independent and full of their own career aspirations and prospects. In this competitive business, she not only with other male colleagues to fight the same results, but also mixing in among the leadership to get the recognition. Not only that, she must continue to pursue perfection and excellence, in order to obtain the respect of colleagues and subordinates, so her efforts to doing everything, trying to avoid work accidents.

As homeland came from a good family, but also received a good education, so she can have a strong personal image of leadership believe. In the personal appearance of the shape, the homeland always strive for perfection, to perfect his body parts have to play every role, her efforts and her strict requirements, so she always maintained a vigorous, modern, strong stem, perfect female managers have impeccable Cocktail Dresses image. But no one is perfect, though she strive for perfection, but her voice becomes the only fly in the ointment. Her voice was both sharp and thin, like a little girl’s voice, complete with her actual age does not match the back of her colleagues called

her little homeland. While the very beginning, her friends from the side gently raised her voice has some shortcomings, I hope she can change her through some training to the sound, so that her voice will increase her authority. But she was simply not care about this. In her view, voices are born, there is no way to change things and this not likely to have much impact until it was discovered after she presided over the meeting, the original sound effects really can not be ignored.The shape of their homeland has been the feeling of giving is very dignified, but found in her chair, each time when we heated discussion, she chipped into the wants to express their views, do not have any effect, because We just like to hear her voice. And she often is considered in a call your secretary. It was her challenge and question the credibility of such a result could not accept her, so she decided to go speaker to learn vocalizations. Homeland later said that before did not rise to this position, she did not realize the impact of the sound is so big, and will not feel their voice is flawed. But now through the period of study, she discovered that in fact the sound is can be changed, and can get better, then why not?In fact, Gladstone once said: “99% of people can not excel because they neglected the voice training. They believe that this training does not have any meaning.” Therefore, to want to do an outstanding person, not should ignore their own voice, to make good use of this card carried by itself.


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