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Press Release List of Distribution Channels

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/7/2010
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Press release, in a technical sense, is anything that is written or recorded and submitted to an editor or reporter or any other media source such as TV or radio stations. However, in order to make a successful press release, it is important to have an effective and professionally written ad and an efficient and wide distribution channels. When hiring public relation (PR) firms or independent business writers, they often take charge on how to distribute your company’s press release. These professionals often promise that highest ranking and best online sites for press release will publish your news. They also make sure that your article is distributed in the right target channels such as national newspapers, industry-related magazines and TV and radio shows. If your company doesn’t hire a professional PR firm to manage its ads because it is not part of the marketing budget, it is still important to take note of the proper distribution channels in order to make sure that everyone will know what’s going on with your company and the latest on your products and services are.

A number of distribution channels are available in the web that can make your company’s credibility become higher and attract new clients or customers. Make sure that your article, whether it is an introduction of a new product or a special event in the company such as sports fest or charity event, is picked up by Google News, several search engi

nes and RSS and HTML feeds. There are several ways to create a list of your distribution channels. First, in using the local media for distribution, you should call the publication or station or check their websites on how to submit an article. You should always know the right contact person and department who should receive and review your press release. By getting the attention of the local media and knowing how to create traffic in the Internet, your distribution list will be long. Another way is by browsing your favorite and always dependable search engine for available websites that are related to your industry and might be interested to run your news story. There are also websites that can guide you in creating a distribution list. It is also creative and resourceful to submit your it to newswires and news websites. Some of them may require a certain fee which is not part of your budget. Fortunately, there are some available websites that allow free posting of your articles. Posting it for free on different websites could be effective if it’s news worthy and it is professionally written. A lifeless and bland one is useless even if you post it to a lot of websites. Once you are able to establish your own list of highly-targeted media, make sure that the list is always updated. With the fast evolution of communication, new strategies and tools are also created to improve marketing tools. It is always an advantage to know the latest media outlets to include in your press release list of distribution channels.


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