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Press Release Tips: Write And Send Press Releases Effectively

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 03/13/2011
  • Writing

An announcement, a news-release, or a PR (press release) is a document that’s factual, informative, and helpful, that’s made public through different media types e.g. magazines, newspapers, web sites, and the likes, that is a good answer to the concern of how to attract customers or traffic to a business. There are pointers and rules when writing a news release or when you send press releases, however, that you have to become aware of to ensure successful press-releasing. Here are some of the most vital press release tips to follow: Tip #1: Mention in your PR why your business or your service/product stands out from the competition. In other words, you should touch on the benefits and features that will entice more people to check out what you’re offering instead of them trying the products and services of your competitors. Your release should convince targeted people that your services and products are of high quality and that your biz is trustworthy and reliable. This is one of the reminders of how to attract customers through news releases.

Tip #2: When writing a news release, you should also see to it that the title and the starting lines should be catchy. If you want your announcements to

reach your business goals, you should send press releases that have titles and the first part of the paragraph to be interesting enough that readers will want to continue reading until the end of the release. This is one of the press release tips that can ‘make or break’ your PRs. What’s the use of a PR when it’s not read whole, or when it’s ‘passed over’ because of an uninteresting title and uninteresting opening lines? Tip #3: Another tip on how to attract customers through PRs is to make it a point to include your company information: business address, office landline phone number or your mobile phone number, etc, so that people who read your releases and become interested in your products/services will be able to contact you, visit your website, your shop, and so forth. Writing a news release but forgetting to include these information is a no-no and may just render your efforts ‘useless’ or ‘insufficient’.

These are some of the press release tips you should put into practice when you produce and send press releases. Remember that a good press-release or news-release can really make a difference, and can help your biz succeed in terms of more targeted traffic, higher popularity not only with potential customers but with search engines as well, and of course, higher chances of gaining sales.



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