Preventing Hair Loss when Dieting

The biggest problem that many men and women face today in North American society is hair loss. This is the result of a combination of things: poor diet, stress, dyeing and/or perming hair to frequently. While stress and over dying hair causes hair loss over time, a poor diet will cause hair to fall out in a short period of time.

Dieting is certainly not a bad thing. The problem is most men and women want to lose weight fast. So, they go on these no carb diets, thinking that they will lose weight within a month. Popular commercials make people believe that, if they go on a diet that consists of either refined carbohydrates or no carbohydrates at all, they will have that sexy trim body in a matter of months. Even better, they will still manage to keep their luscious thick head of hair. Such diets will cause women to lose weight quickly, but not in a healthy way. Carbohydrates help build energy and tissue, including hair. Carbohydrates also contain Vitamin B that supports the growth of healthy hair. Any person whose body lacks appropriate amounts of carbohydrates will experience fatigue and hair loss that will usually take place over a short period of time. While its nice to have a trim body, it is quite awful to lose large amounts of hair, especially if your hair is very fine. Hair loss causes tremendous stress and shame.

There are, however, a number of ways people can prevent hair loss when dieting. First of all, look for food that is rich in carbohydrates. Such foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A daily intake of carbohydrates will make your hair stronger and healthier.

Your daily intake of carbohydrates should be supplemented with a daily intake of food that contains lots of protein. Protein contains five amino acids—cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine. These amino acids strengthen and thicken each individual hair shaft. A sufficient intake of proteins will prevent hair loss and even thicken hair over time. Keep in mind that too much intake of protein rich foods will cause you to gain weight.

Always eat within moderation and eat meals that include food from all food groups. It is best to eat natural foods and limit your intake of processed foods, especially food that is deep fried. Also, when cooking, try not to overcook your meals.

Most women and even some men have the notion that they will lose weight if they cut meat out of their diet altogether. Having a diet that does not include meat is extremely unhealthy. Your body needs a certain amount of meat to maintain a healthy level of energy. Good fats are found in animal and plant products. Your diet should comprise twenty to thirty percent of these kinds of meat.

A good addition to a healthy diet is vitamin supplements. Unfortunately, in this fast paced world we do not find the time to get all the nutrients and vitamins we need. Bottles that contain vitamins are usually very expensive. So, it would be impossible to buy every kind of vitamin supplement that is on the shelf of the alternative health food store. Multi-vitamins and Florasil are a few known vitamin supplements that will help prevent hair loss, enhance hair volume and thicken hair over time.

If everyone lived according to a natural diet than maybe we would all have beautiful and healthy thick hair.


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