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Previous selfmastery watch calibere de cartier men's watch

  • By billen Williang
  • Published 04/25/2011
  • Article Writing

On the dial, the fan-shaped window in the position of the 3 o’clock is full with the retro atmosphere. On the other side of the watch, there is the modern and transparent sapphire crystal case which beautifully completes the decoration of the watch. The amazing exquisite watch making crafts of Cartier fairly condense the time and even marvel and fascinate more and more watch enthusiasts. Cartier recently launched its first self-made self-winding mechanical movement of the Calibere De Cartier Men’s watch which to create a classic model which makes wholly show the tabulation process and design culmination. Let’s have a look at what is so special about this classic watch! Learned the deep essence of Cartier watches, new Calibere De Cartier Men’s watch is full with the sense of modern polish in the overall design and every detail.  It perfectly shows the perfect balance of strength and beauty for men. The thick solid case, three-dimensional raised bezel, vigorous and effective large diameter dial, and the large and dominance Rome scale – XII in the dial are all indicate the masculine of men. At the same time, soft smooth bezel is in the 28 degree natural inclination which is in the transition from the 120 fine scales to the dial which is decorated with the cambered particles patterns. This is the delicate details among the great and bold designs, amazing and wonderful. In addition, Calibere De Cartier Men’s watch even achieves the exquisite and perfect corresponding. The 120 delicate scales in the dial are reminiscent of the meticulous precision gear in the movement.  And the novel and unique design in the back of the transparent form of the movement is the perfect distillation of a masculine appearance. Also Cartier designers also take the comfort of the wearing into account. They are crafting the watch according to the schematic design of four watch’s ears perfectly fit in the curve of the wrist in the Ergonomic design. It seems that the second layer of the skin is also with the comfortable and natural feeling, which bringing the great experience to the wearers. 



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