Princess Diana Biography The Life of a Princess

Princess Diana held a rock star persona with a heart of gold. She was born to John Spencer and Frances Althorp, in the summer of 1961.The woman who would come to be known as Lady Di, was a scholar and would excel at extracurricular activities including swimming and dance. She would make a living working in the areas of her passions as she taught dance and hosted parties. Diana’s future husband, Prince Charles was quite the ladies man, but it was Diana that captured his heart. It was an eepicurean weekend that brought two old acquaintances together.

The couple would date for a while and Charles would propose to her in early February of ‘81. They would keep the engagement concealed at first, but it would become known to the world when she was given a large ring containing 14 diamonds in it. They would be married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in the summer of ‘81. A buzz would surround the wedding as during the vows she did not commit to “obey” to her new husband.

The 90’s would present turbulence for what was to be fairytale couple. The marriage would end amongst harsh words that the two spoke via the media.The prince would go onto be with Carmella Parker-Bowles, it was believed Charles was smitten with her while with Diana. Diana always felt she was in a “crowded marriage”. As numerous controversies surround the couple the queen asked the two to rush their divorce. The divorce would be finalized in early ‘96.

She would become quite the humanitarian, she would use her title “Princess of Wales” to aid in charity work as she would visit the sick in hospitals and even showed tremendous compassion sitting with the extremely ill including those with AIDS.

Breaking news would stop the UK citizens in their tracks, along with those who followed across the globe. While traveling in Paris, Princess Diana and her then partner Dodi Fayed would find themselves pursued by aggressive paparazzi. In order to escape the pursuers the driver/security guard, Henri Paul took a short cut, the paparazzi still followed and in another attempt to flee the car crashed. All three were killed and many put the blame solely on the paparazzi, but none of the three killed had their seatbelts on and Paul was found to have been drinking. Princess Diana’s funeral may have been the most watched funeral ever as 2.5 billion watched across the world.

In recent years Fayed’s father has claimed foul play was involved in his son’s death, but it has yet to be proven. Many memorials have been established for the fallen, but the most notable are found in Harrods. The princess has been well missed by her family and followers and has a few memorial funds in her name. The Diana Memorial Fund is the only one granted the right to use her image. Chi magazine would go down as the first media outlet to publish photos from the horrific accident, as they broke the unwritten rules to the tragedy.


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