Pro and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery for Children


Authored by Victor Roffel in Weight Issues 
Published on 11-24-2009

Obesity has become a world-wide problem in a matter of decades. With the United States of America leading the way, obesity is at an all time high all over the world. The emergence of fast food restaurants plus lack of exercise and activity are all parts of the cause. Perhaps the most troubling of all matters in this predicament is that the younger generation makes up the majority of the obese.

Children who are obese are typically obsessed with computer games and junk food. This has led to the question of whether children should have weight loss surgery. In today’s society, it is not uncommon for parents to contemplate this plan. But weight loss surgery might have more pros and cons that people are aware of.


Fast weight loss – This is possibly one of the only factors that people consider when deciding whether they should undergo weight loss surgery. Yes, surgery can certainly help an individual achieve extremely fast weight loss. Only fat is removed so the individual retains a healthy amount of muscle mass.

Painless solution – Most children are afraid of hard work and perspiration. A weight loss surgery such as liposuction is done with the patient in a comatose state. Pain from exercising is then avoided and the only pain comes from post-surgery scars.

Discouraging obesity – When parents have the thought of surgery as a method of weight loss for their children, they do discourage obesity and this may be somewhat positive for the child.


Expensive – As with all surgeries, weight loss surgery is expensive. The cost paid for surgery far exceeds the amount of money needed to eat healthy. Cost is probably one of the reasons holding back people from performing weight loss surgery.

Weight rebound – Weight loss surgery can literally suck the fat away from an individual’s body. But most of the time, after the weight and fat is lost, their exercise and diet habits remain the same. The weight they lost is then put back on in a matter of weeks.

Encouraging wrong habits – Weight loss surgery is a painless easy way out for the individual. This will cultivate certain wrong habits which will be detrimental to the child in the long run. The child would not want to work hard for the things they want and will instead look for the easy way out.

Missing the good habits – People who are successful in weight loss often have the same kind of attitude that drives them. The habits of this attitude and discipline can only be found through working hard for weight loss. The child will learn a whole lot about discipline, tenacity and hard work if regular exercise and nutrition is the path they choose. An easy way out like surgery will not teach the same habits exercise and nutrition can.

The pros and cons listed here are but a few of the many reasons why you should and shouldn’t undergo weight loss surgery. Evaluate the risks and benefits of surgery and decide for yourself if weight loss surgery is suitable for you or your child.


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