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Pro Con Pad Decision


The Pro & Con Note Pad

I’ve seen these notepads around before so when the folks at Usefulthings.com offered me one to review, I thought it would make for a fun post.  In the past I have actually drawn up something similar to this when I was stuck with a hard decision, and it turned out to be pretty helpful.


Simple but useful layout of the Pro & Con pad

So the layout of the Pro & Con pad is pretty simple, it asks you to identify your dilemma at the top of the page and then identify the time frame for your decision to be made.  The majority of the pads surface is dedicated to giving you space for listing the positive and negative aspects of the decision you have to make, and then at the end of each pro & con column, you can tally the number of each.

Once you have listed out all of your pros and cons, and totaled them up, there is a line for your conclusion and plan of action.  Now again, it’s a pretty basic tool, and it isnt exactly a complex project planning tool or decision-making model, but its helpful to keep around and as you think of good and bad elements of the decision you make you can jot them down.  When I’ve done this in the past I know I would come up with 2-3 things, and jot them down and go back to doing something else…then come back as I thought of other pros or cons to the situation.


A writing sample in the Pro & Con notepad

As with any other notepad, it’s always fun to try writing on it to see how it handles the ink.  In all honesty, I didnt have high expectations for the quality of paper in this but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did all of my gel pens write well and not bleed or feather, but the same can be said for fountain pens.    The notepad has a convenient flip cover that tucks under a flap on the front to keep closed, and the back is reinforced with a thicker cardboard that makes it easier to write on while you are holding it in your hand.

Overall this is a convenient little pad to have around because I think it probably forces  you to  think about and write down some of the things that go into making a good decision for you.  You could probably create something similar on your own scrap paper, but this little notepad is a good way to make sure you have a dedicated source for keeping a log of all the factors that go into your decisions for future reference.  Check it out over at Usefulthings.com and see what other unique office supplies they have.

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