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Prom nights are once in a life time events that every high schooler looks forward to with nervous anticipation. Everybody who has gone through high school looks back on this day as a day filled with bubbling teenage exuberance. This invariably leaves long lasting pleasant memories. These memories are then brought up a few years down the line when their own child or children repeat this growing up cycle again and again.  

Prom nights are those nights when every boy dreams of getting a date with his favorite girl, and thinks up everything that he can do to make the night last forever. The occasion is also considered one of the best times when the boys and girls come together wearing the most elegant and beautiful attires. They then enjoy an evening of dancing and dinner. It is also an occasion to talk about their school days and exchange sweet memories. Although all prom nights are eagerly awaited, fascinating events, there are occasions when such beautiful events can turn into disasters. This is especially true for those who are unfamiliar with what they should actually be doing on a night such as this.  

Preparation is the best preventive medicine for sagging confidence or a nervous disposition. To get the best out of yourself, you must prepare everything for a prom night well in advance. Tips from older siblings and friends who have trodden the high school graduation path before, and sometimes advice from parents can go a long way in helping you sail through the evening. Many a prom night date has turned into a strong bond between two individuals that eventually led to the altar and a long and happy married life thereafter. 

Ensure you have a confirmed date for the night, and that you have purchased your tickets well in advance. If you wait till the 11th hour to ask a girl if she would like to accompany you to the prom, you might just find yourself with no date at all.

Once you know who is going to the prom with you, you need to then go shopping and get yourself a dashing tuxedo or an elegant gown. You can even rent one, but do ensure you do not end up with a poor excuse for a tuxedo or prom gown. Visit the store well in advance and choose the one that fits you the best.

You will also need to ensure you have secured transportation for the evening. Not everyone is able to have their own car, but sometimes fathers can be generous enough to lend you their car. You are then responsible to behave, and maybe offer to pay back in kind by helping around the house.

Another option to try out is to pool money with a few other couples and hire a limousine for the evening. You can surely sweep the girls off their feet with that. If a dinner is planned after the dance, you can again pool in here unless you are keen on just a two-some. If you pool in, you can use the money to get a table at some classy restaurant which will ensure that you and your date for the evening will fondly remember the prom night every time the subject comes up in your lives. 


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