Pros and Cons of Adopting a Child


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Family
Published on 12-14-2009

Adopting a child can be a wonderful step for both the new child and your current family. When you are considering adoption, it is a good idea to think ahead. The process of adoption is only the first step in having a new member in your family for the rest of your lives. It can be a great experience for everyone concerned, if you bear in mind that it is a serious step.

There are plenty of pros to adopting. First and foremost, you will be giving a brand-new family and an opportunity for a better life to a child who currently has neither. Whether you are thinking about an infant, a school-aged youngster, or a child in his or her teens, the child of any age who does not have a family to call his own is at a disadvantage. Even the youngest child is aware of the lack. When you adopt a child, you will be giving him something which he needs more than anything else: a family. This may consist of only yourself, or a couple, or those who already have children. Your family will “belong” to the youngster whom you adopt.

Providing opportunities to a child is another important “pro” of adopting. As most children who do not have families are both economically disadvantaged and without proper guidance and direction, adopting means you will give a child these opportunities in his growing-up years. This, in turn, is the best foundation for his future.

Another “pro” of adopting is that you will gain a new family member. Whether you currently have a small or a large family, you have much to share with someone new. Everything from love to family traditions to interacting within the family unit can be even better when you have a new family member to include.

There are some “cons” regarding adoption, also. It is often a matter of making the decision to adopt without thinking it through beforehand. One point is that having children is a huge responsibility. This is true whether they are your own or whether they are adopted. If having a new member of your family is to be a success, you must be willing to give your time, your experience, and your attention to this person.

While this is the case with any child, it can be even more significant with an adopted youngster who has not had stability in his life thus far. For example, he may have difficulty becoming attached to you, or he may exhibit any number of personalty or behavioral problems. When you decide to adopt, you are making a commitment to be this child’s parent even during the difficult times.

Adopting can be a rewarding experience for you and the youngster. If you are willing to make such a commitment, adoption can be a great blessing for both the child and for yourself.


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