Pros and Cons of Apple iPhone 3G

The Apple iphone 3G is a smartphone featuring a mobile phone, an iPod and a wireless Internet device. The iphone, first introduced in 2007, has enjoyed great popularity with consumers. But as is the case with all modern technological devices, it is not perfect. Here are some of the pros and cons of Apple iphone 3G.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Pro #1 – It’s Easy and Attractive

The Apple iphone 3G is an exceptionally user-friendly and attractive device. The many features are simple to decipher, even for the most technologically challenged. Apple offers the eye-catching iphone 3G in black or white, and it is only 11.6 millimeters thick, thin enough to slip into a pocket.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Pro #2 – The Touchscreen

One of the biggest pros of the Apple iphone 3G is its HVGA (Half-size Video Graphics Array) touch screen with a liquid crystal display. The screen permits the user to navigate all of the available features using their fingertips. The keyboard is virtual and no stylus is needed. When the Apple iphone 3G is turned sideways, the screen is rotated automatically, thus allowing the screen to be viewed in landscape or portrait mode. The display area is 3.5-inch wide with a high resolution of 160 pixels per inch.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Pro #3 – No Need for Multiple Devices

Since the Apple iphone 3G conveniently includes an ipod, an internet device and a camera, in addition to a cell phone, users do not have to maintain multiple devices. The ipod stores up to 16 GB of music, videos and other media with a built in speaker. The 3G technology provides high speed internet access for surfing the internet using Safari, one of the most sophisticated web browsers available for smartphones.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Pro #4 – Over 75,000 Applications

Perhaps the famous Apple tv commercial states it best: “There’s an app for that!” There are currently over 75,000 applications, or apps, as they are commonly called, that are available for Apple iphone 3G users to download. For example, apps are available for tracking weight loss, comparing product prices, viewing sports statistics, playing games and much more.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Con #1 – Poor Multitasking

The Apple iphone 3G does a insufficient job of multitasking. Users are not able to run applications in background, and two applications cannot be run at the same time. To navigate to each feature or application, users must first hit the home button, then hit the feature or application. It is not possible to go from one to the next without first going back to the home screen. The user has to open the e-mail program to check for mail since there is no automatic notification feature available.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Con #2 – Poor Camera Quality

Although the Apple iphone 3G camera has recently been updated to a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, it is still not a high quality camera. Photos are not clear and sharp, and tend to be grainy. There is no flash included with the iphone 3g camera, so indoor pictures with insufficient lighting may appear dark.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Con #3 – AT&T Is Only Provider

The Apple iphone 3G will only operate with a wireless service contract offered by AT&T. Users are not able to use any other wireless carrier. In most cases, AT&T requires a two year contract. Apple iphone 3G users have complained about AT&T’s slow service, dropped calls and dead zones.

Pros and Cons of Apple iphone 3G – Con #4 – Insufficient Battery Power

Numerous Apple iphone 3G users have reported that the battery does not last long enough without requiring it to be recharged. In some cases, the battery has not even lasted throughout a full day. The battery must be continuously recharged. It is thought that the features and apps of the iphone 3G drain a great deal of battery power. Since the Apple iphone 3G has a sealed cover, users are not able to replace the battery themselves. The battery can only be replaced at AT&T retail stores that sell the Apple iphone 3G.

Apple has continuously improved the quality of the original iphone of 2007 with every new model and update. The latest model, the Apple iphone 3G is no exception. Users will be looking forward to the next update of this innovative device.


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