Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

There are an increasing number of parents who make the decision to home school their children. Both advantages and disadvantages exist for students and parents that have made the decision to home school. Students are able to learn about topics that interest them most in addition to the required curriculum for academics in their state. Parents can offer their children fun and creative ways to learn.

One of the biggest advantages to home schooling is the ability to cater a child’s education to meet their needs and interests. Students learn in a variety of ways. Some children learn well by reading through their course materials. Other students learn through experience and hands on projects. Some students learn better by using visuals and others learn what they hear. There is no one size fits all learning technique. When a student is home schooled, their parent can identify and implement the learning style that allows their child to learn the most.

Students who are home schooled can learn about topics not covered in the classroom. They can also use more interactive ways to learn. Parents can take their children on fieldtrips to local museums, libraries and other learning centers. Children can go to work with other family members to learn how their studies apply to work and everyday life. The possibilities for learning are endless.

Parents who home school are able to ensure their children are being responsible students. They know if their child is paying attention as they are learning new material. Children must complete their homework and other assignments when they have a parent teaching their courses. Home schooled children have less of an opportunity to slack off in their studies.

Children are not subject to as much peer pressure when they are home schooled. If they spend time with peers it is limited since they are not around classmates all day in school. In addition, children are not subject to bullying if they attend school at home. Therefore, children who are home schooled often have more confidence and higher self esteem.

There are some potential disadvantages for families that home school. Most families will be left with just one primary breadwinner if children are home schooled. One of the parents will be staying home to teach the children. This can cause some financial stress to families in times when the economy is struggling.

Parents who home school their children are sometimes criticized. Other parents do not always understand why a parent would want to teach their children from home rather than sending them to school. Some individuals believe that students who are home schooled do not receive the proper level of education. Parents and children must be willing to allow negative comments to go in one ear and out the other.

Children often have less ability to socialize when they are home schooled. Students learn a great deal about interacting with other children and teenagers when they attend school. When children learn from home they are primarily with their parents and siblings more than anyone else. Depending on the area where a family lives, the kids may or may not be able to participate in sports and activities sponsored by the school district.

Families that take part in home schooling believe the advantages far outweigh any of the potential pitfalls of home schooling.


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