Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Furniture
Published on 10-07-2009

It may seem at first that shopping for something like mattresses would be simple but that is not always the case. Latex mattresses are one of the more popular choices but there are definitely some important pros and cons to these mattresses that shoppers should be aware of before making any final decisions here. There are different types of mattresses which work better for certain people and it is important to make the right purchase.


One of the pros of the latex mattresses would certainly be in regards to their cleanliness. The latex mattresses will not support dust mites and owners do not have to worry about other issues such as mold and mildew either. These are huge selling points for the latex mattresses because people in general are more concerned with their health than ever before. The bed is one of the most personal and most often used pieces of furniture in the home so of course it makes sense to get a mattress that is going to be hygenic. Even more so with consideration of bed bugs and other tiny mites that no one wants to think about having in bed with them at night, it makes sense to opt for the latex mattresses.

Another definite advantage to the latex mattresses is that they do not have to be continuously flipped over back and forth in order to keep them in good shape. This may not seem like a huge benefit to some but anyone who has owned a basic mattress and box spring can definitely understand. Over time the body creates a sort of dent in the mattress which is why it is recommended that bed owners flip their mattress and box spring on a regular basis in order to maintain them. With the latex mattresses however this is not required, which is a relief to the buyer who wants to sleep on the bed and not have to work just to be comfortable.

While the pros of the latex mattresses definitely shine through it is important for shoppers to be aware of the cons as well. Latex mattresses do have a few faults and comparing these pros and cons will be the easiest method a person can use to determine whether or not latex mattresses are going to be the ideal choice.


Of course one of the biggest problems that people have with latex mattresses is that they are too expensive. Compared to other styles the latex mattresses do tend to rate in as being higher priced on the general marketplace. However the fact that latex mattresses will stand up to wear and tear and are considered to be able to last up to three times longer than other mattress and box spring types definitely makes them worth that extra bit of money.

Some people worry that the latex mattresses will smell bad and this prevents them from making a purchase. This is somewhat of a myth because pretty much every mattress, latex or not, is going to have a smell at first. Not necessarily a bad smell but definitely a unique smell. This is somewhat like the new car smell that people notice. Some people don’t mind it while others can’t stand it. Either way it is not a huge deal because the smell will go away over time, especially once nice clean sheets are used to make up the bed.

Latex mattresses do have their share of benefits and problem areas but overall they seem to be an excellent choice for anyone shopping for a new bed set. Latex mattresses are firm and great for people with bad backs. They are naturally healthier and will last longer than other mattress types. The latex mattresses are actually even able to reduce disturbances throughout the night. Anyone shopping for a new mattress is definitely going to want to at least check out the latex versions and see what they think.


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