Pros and Cons of Using Refurbished Medical Equipment


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Health Care
Published on 12-07-2009

These days, saving money is more important than ever before. It is near the top of everybody’s priority lists. This includes professionals as well as the average person. There are some instances, though, in which one must carefully weigh both the pros and the cons in order to see whether saving money is worth the potential drawbacks.

Using refurbished medical equipment can indeed save money. Depending upon the particular type of equipment one needs, it could cover a significant amount of money. Using refurbished equipment may also make the option of having extra equipment on-hand easier for you. The type of equipment is one of the deciding factors in whether this economical alternative is worth it.

Pieces of medical equipment which do not involve delicate features can often be used in refurbished form without difficulty. When there is little that can go wrong with a piece of equipment, it is generally a safe bet to say that refurbished is as good as an original. Equipment that is sturdy, and made all in one piece, are examples of this type of equipment.

However, it is also a safe bet to say that pieces of medical equipment which contain delicate features should be examined in their refurbished form prior to using them. They could very well be in good condition, but you should know for certain in advance. If there is a part of the equipment which is not as good as it was in its original state, the entire piece of equipment may not work properly. The company you purchase your equipment from should guarantee its quality, and you should then underscore this by checking it for yourself.

Second, a piece of medical equipment which is designed to perform delicate procedures should not be used in its refurbished form without first checking it for consistent functioning. For example, you would not want to use a piece of medical equipment which is made for precise testing if you are not absolutely certain that it is in top-notch condition. You could end up with a misdiagnosis, errors in a procedure, or any number of other serious complications. Your patients’ health and safety, as well as your practice itself, could end up at stake.

Your patients are important to you, and so is your medical practice. All equipment you purchase, whether refurbished or new, should be guaranteed to be in excellent condition and good working order. These are facts, regardless of your particular field or specialization. If you are like nearly everyone else these days, you want your practice to be as cost-effective for both your patients and yourself as it can possibly be. You also do not want to take any unnecessary risks, either with your integrity or your patients’ health. While you are likely to have plenty of opportunities to keep costs down by using refurbished medical equipment, exercising common sense is the best way to accomplish your goal. You can save money by using refurbished equipment, while still keeping safety as your top priority.


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