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Pros and corns of tag heuer aquaracer

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/19/2010
  • Non-Fiction

As one of the most successful Swiss watch manufacturers in the world, Tag Heuer produces great sports timepieces for people from different parts of the world. Tag Heuer watches are well-known because they are stylish and classic. Aquaracer is one of the most classic watch series from Tag Heuer. Timepieces of this series are perfect for people to wear when they are diving or swimming. They are welcomed by sports enthusiasts. Yet these classic Tag Heuer watches are not suitable to everyone. They have pros and corns. Pros: 1. Automatic Movement In order to show the classic of Tag Heuer watches, Aquaracer timepieces are designed as watches of automatic movements. It saves the diver’s energy when they are diving with such a timepiece as the movement uses gears, internal weight and spring to power the timepiece. 2. Water Resistance Surely a watch for diving is water resistant. Watches of this series are not exceptions. And they have the advantage of good water resistance. Their cases, mechanisms and crystals are good enough to resist the pressures in Deep Ocean. Typically, these timepieces are water resistant for about 984 feet. 3. Easy to Keep Most of the watch faces are made of special sapphire crystal to avoid scratching. As we know, glass is usually used by manufacturers as the face of a timepiece. Aquaracer is one of the exceptions. By using sapphire, the watches are easy to keep as they are resistant to scratches. Corns: 1. High Price Tag Tag Heuer watches are also known as the most expensive in the watch market. Some of them are too expensive to afford. And the watches of Aquaracer are sold at about 2,000 dollars. Comparing with other diving watches, they are extremely expensive. 2. Inaccuracy Because of the automatic movement, watches of this series go smoothly. But the disadvantage of inaccuracy of an automatic watch is known by people. That means, these watches are not as accurate as quartz watches. Divers have to set the watches frequently in order to know accurate time. Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches are good as they are automatic, water-resistant and easy to keep. But they are not suitable watches for some people as they are expensive and inaccurate sometimes.


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