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Pros and corns of wearing high heels everyday

  • By Charles T.Harris
  • Published 11/26/2010
  • Article Writing

It seems that women love high heel shoes without reasons. They are attracted because of the special feeling of wearing this kind of shoes. A pair of high heel shoes is one of the best friends for girls and women. It is necessary for them to own at least one pair. Many women have to wear it everyday for work. And most of the girls like to wear them everyday for beauty. Is it a pair of shoes for everyday wearing? Are there any advantages or disadvantages of wearing it each day? The answer is “Yes”! Pros 1. Adding Height A tall woman looks more confident. And it is known by everyone a woman looks taller with it. And she feels well when she walks by wearing high heel shoes. Usually, it increases the height of the wearer by five to six inches. 2. Enhancing Body Posture High heels help the wearer to have good body posture because of its special design and heels. The posture of the wearer looks better. By wearing them the wearer walk more gracefully. 3. Making the Legs Look Nicer If a girl wears a mini-skirt with a pair of sexy high heel, her legs would look longer and shapelier. It adds beauty to legs. 4. Matching with Clothes Well It looks well for a woman to wear it with different wearing such as pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and jeans. It makes the wearer looks cool by wearing it with jeans. And it is easy to be matched with any kind of wearing. Corns 1.Foot Pain Complains about foot pain by wearing high heels are everywhere. It is really painful to wear them and walk for a long time because of the pressure of the feet concentrated by the body. 2. Walking Difficultly People who are new to high heel shoes find it hard to walk with them well. And it is uncomfortable. In fact, walking with them well is never easy. 3. Discomfort This is known by almost everyone who has the experience of wearing them. Back pain and foot pain are common. Even though a woman walks properly with them, discomfort is available. In order to avoid these questions, it is better for people to buy a good pair with top quality and fine materials. The pair which is made by the top shoes manufacturer in the world is always a good consideration as it comes with nice appearance. And it is very comfortable for wearing such as a pair from Christian Louboutin shoes, Jessica Simpson, or Gucci. The top and soft material for wearing is used by them. The disadvantages and advantages of wearing high heel shoes are always argued by experts. However, women love them without considering whether they are good to wear or not as they are really charming shoes. For more exciting updates about it theme, please continue with the author’s social profile Idolreplicas and don’t hesitate to leave your comment.



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