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Protect environment and reduce down costs with green cars

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 05/16/2010
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None of us are unaware of the fact that green cars help us protect the environment by not emitting any kind of harmful gases into the environment and by making use of renewable sources of energy. In addition to help us protect the environment green cars are also friendly on our pockets as they cut down on the down costs of the car especially when it comes to finding cheap car insurance.

It was only in the past that when eco cars first hit the roads that car insurance companies used to charge high premiums from the green car owners. But with the changing time and understanding the fact that green car drivers are taking their first step towards the protection of our planet, both motor insurance companies and government provide special offers to promote buying of eco-friendly cars. The government has shown its interest in green cars, which are powered by a combination of combustion engine and battery, powered electric motors knowing the fact that if enough people buy these environmental friendly cars then we may be able to reduce the worrying amount of carbon emissions coming from our roads. With the help of these hybrid car emissions from cars would fall by 30%.

The government has encouraged users to buy green car by fitting them into lower car tax bands thus lowering your annual payments. Secondly, it has also made sure that the car insurance companies offer interesting deals to green car owners and encourage others to buy eco friendly cars.

There are number of insurers who now offer interesting discounts on their cover if you drive one of those environmental friendly cars. Car insurance companies provide these interesting offers as they hope that green motoring is going to be a massive growth area for the car industry in the future as petrol prices continue to rise. With the cheaper premium and other additional benefits car companies want to financially reward the users who are taking their steps to do their bit for the environment.

There are number of insurance companies that offer cheap green car insurance to match your ethical stance about emissions and the environment. These companies offer coverage against hybrid, electric and hydrogen cars with agreed value cover available and cash back to hybrid car drivers. Some of the companies also include repair costs to offer large savings. These companies actually provide lots of options to people so that they can choose the green car insurance policy as per their preference and the one that suit their requirement the best.


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by Mike Kelley



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