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Protect your family, arrange for an mold inspection

To 99.9% of us, our families and loved ones are important to us, but what if we were putting their health at risk as a consequence of a common problem that occurs due to a lack of ventilation and a build-up of moisture? Mold grows where there is excess moisture that is allowed to sit, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, when there is a lack of ventilation. If any sight of mold is not dealt with quickly and effectively, it can grow and spread exponentially.

Mold contains spores which can travel in the air within your home and cause health problems, such as sneezing, breathing difficulties or more serious health issues. Mold is usually more vociferous is tropical-like locations that experience warm seasons, and due to the existing plumbing in buildings, particularly apartment blocks. With any faulty plumbing, should a leak occur it provides an ideal platform for it to propagate.

If you are experiencing problems with mold, then Mold Busters can carry out a Mold Inspection In Singaporefor you, and also take samples of the air within your home which is then sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis to test your air quality. Using infrared cameras, our inspectors will be able to source areas in your home where there are temperature differences which could lead to mold growth. The infrared cameras can also detect areas of moisture which could have been caused by issues with plumbing.

Following detection of mold, further investigative work can be carried out and the extent of the damage can be assessed to physically see the extent of the problem. Mold Busters will report on their findings and make recommendations on the next course of action, i.e. remedial work.

It is also worth remembering that once remedial work has taken place, it is also important to correct the situations that caused the problem of mold growth in the first place. For example, if you had a burst or leaking pipe which cased water to penetrate the walls and ceilings, the level of moisture would have increased allowing mold to develop. Therefore, call Mold Busters to visit and carry out an infrared thermal imaging inspection on a regular basis to ensure that any mold growth is either caught early, or kept at bay!

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