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Providing the Details of an Accident to Your Solicitor

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/19/2012

When you are a victim of an accident that was caused by the negligence or fault of another individual, you need to consult a solicitor to know whether you have a personal injury claim. This civil claim aims at compensating the victim for the injuries he/she sustains due to the negligence or fault of another individual. The common methods used to find personal injury solicitors include personal references, advertisements, and online resources.

The criteria for choosing the right solicitor include his/her credentials, training and experience. Along with this, try to find out about the civil claims he/she has handled in the past. This would give you an idea about the success rate of the legal professional. After you have an idea about the profile and work experience of the solicitor, contact him/her and get an initial consultation.

You may need to explain certain things to a solicitor at the initial consultation. This is necessary to assess whether there is any merit to the case and if it is worth filing. You may also need to take certain documents to this consultation. What does your solicitor need to know before determining the right approach to the case? Here is a look at the necessary details you need to provide your solicitor.

The facts related to the accident: If it was a road traffic accident, you need to describe the details like your starting point and destination, the weather conditions, the road conditions, the sequence of events that led to the accident, whether you were wearing the safety belt, the witnesses’ names and addresses, the Garda who visited the site of the accident and so on.

The details of the injuries you sustained in the accident: It is necessary to tell your solicitor about the feelings and sensations you had during and after the accident. You also need to describe the physical and psychological injuries you sustained. This description also needs to include details of the medical practitioners and health care facilities that you went to as well as the medications and treatments you used or are still using.

The expenses you incurred due to the injuries you sustained in the accident: The objective of the personal injury claim is to compensate the victim for the losses he/she sustains in an accident that was not their fault. Any financial loss directly or indirectly related to the injuries needs to be calculated for this. Mention the medical bills, doctor’s fees, loss of work pay, transportation costs, and so on.

Whatever the type of accident, if it was not your fault, and you sustain injuries, it is necessary to get in touch with a solicitor. Along with describing in detail the aforementioned points, you may also need to provide certain documents to the solicitor. This may include medical records, the Garda investigation report, the loss of work pay and such other documents.

Set up an appointment with a solicitor specialising in personal injury claims, provide him/her with the necessary details and documents, and ask whether filing a claim would be the right step.

Author Bio

Daniel Smith is a legal expert and consultant. He provides tips and suggestions regarding the details you need to provide your solicitor for personal injury claim Ireland. If you were looking for more information regarding personal injuries claims, he recommends you visit http://www.personalinjurydirect.ie/.



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