Psoriasis Treatments at Home


Authored by Veronika Fevers in Skin Care
Published on 01-08-2010

Psoriasis, although life long is a non-contagious skin condition that affects over 7 million Americans. Characterized by red lesions and scales, psoriasis can affect any part of the body and even the scalp. While the symptoms of psoriasis can be embarrassing to individuals affected by the condition, it can be treated. In this article I will explain psoriasis treatments that can be effectively executed at home.

Psoriasis treatments at home can benefit individuals affected by mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. The major concept of psoriasis treatments at home revolves around taking preventative measures. By simply taking these preventative skin care measures, psoriasis treatments at home can be as effective as in a clinic.

The first step of this preventative skin care regimen is to keep the skin properly moisturized. By keeping the skin moist, the crusts that do form will be far easier to remove. This is a good place for your psoriasis treatments at home to start. The easier the scales and crusts are to remove; the less likely your skin will become irritated in the removal process. The mere presence of dry skin can also exacerbate psoriasis flare-ups making the symptoms more problematic as well as noticeable.

Other preventative measures that can increase the effectiveness of psoriasis treatments at home revolve around protecting your skin. This includes taking proper precautions in direct sun. Keeping your exposure to the sun to a minimum is ideal. Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage your skin further. Also, it is imperative that skin is protected from any possible irritation this includes keeping your nails clean and properly trimmed.

In the event of an infection, care should be taken to treat it as soon as possible. By taking precautions such as these, you can further your chances that psoriasis treatments at home will be effective. Infection can only make matters worse when psoriasis is concerned. The slightest bit of irritation can cause a flare up. Manage your skin care and hygiene, and your symptoms of mild to moderate psoriasis should remain controlled.

In addition to using standard skin care procedures; the implementation of UV therapy can also benefit individuals suffering from mild to moderate symptoms of psoriasis. Ultra violet light, when used in conjunction with prescription medication is effective psoriasis treatments at home. These treatments are also among the most commonly utilized forms of treatment for psoriasis short of day treatments in a clinic. Ultra violet light has been proven to aid in treating the symptoms of mild to moderate psoriasis. It is a commonly used method of psoriasis treatment at home.

By utilizing these methods of psoriasis treatment at home, you can keep your symptoms at bay. The psoriasis treatments at home can prevent you from embarrassing flare-ups that could have been prevented by merely practicing good skin care and hygiene. These psoriasis treatments at home will not cure psoriasis, as there is no cure as of now for it. It can however, make the condition more manageable.


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