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Psychological Factors Behind Landing Page Design

  • By Ivan Andrianko
  • Published 01/25/2012
  • Copywriting

Imagine your viewers clicking on YOUR landing page, intoxicated by the vexing placement of your ads and the purposeful architecture of each slogan. Everything is so carefully organized and planned out that its sole effect is to hypnotize the viewer and make him question whether they can still go on with their lives without trying out what you are offering them. On this website I will try to explain to you the factors that determine us to buy things, and how YOU can be in total control of people’s emotion and how to make them want to buy whatever you’re selling. To fully comprehend what’s a well built Opt in page, you will need to learn on how to successfully integrate your product with two of the most essential factors that make us buy things: The desire to succeed, and the pursuit of pleasure. Although there is a vast possibility through which we can determine the meaning of our desires (The common umbrella term is happiness, have you heard of it?) I went with the follwoing two sub-sections because of the reason that I truly believe that these are the best way in explaining the buyer’s true intentions. You can create categories until you get sick and tired, but to keep a form of simplicity, I will talk about some more on the two things from above before we raise the bar a bit. The two most important driving factors: 1. The Desire to Succeed:

The association that the

buyer makes between your product and the attainment of happiness, is through his own advancement. The things I’m talking about can be found in the form of articles and self-help e-books. Your service or product has the ability of making your visitor’s personal life progress in a faster and more better way, instead of it not progressing at all if it weren’t for whatever you are selling. Whether if it’s in their professional or personal life, people always have a clear picture of the end result being a combination of determination and the final action. What you have to do is to make them believe that whatever they’re trying to achieve can be done with your product and only with it. 2. The pursuit of pleasure: The name says it all. We all have a very big list of things that make us warm inside. They make our living more easy and fun and they define our lives in terms of where we want to be heading. To want to be successful is one aspect of reaching happiness, but it also has to do with long term results which in the end will let you live the live you always wanted to live. You may not be able to have everything you want right now, but at least you can have THIS (your product). That is my introduction to the psychology section of this website.

If you read through each article on this website and do not come across at least one thing that you can learn from and implement to sell your product more efficiently, My question to you is; What is such and successful person doing reading tips on landing page design?



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