Puffy Nipples and Gynecomastia


Authored by Andy Chasse’ in Exercise
Published on 07-05-2009

Puffy nipples aren’t any fun for anybody. In fact, many males deal with a large amount of stress due to this puberty-enhanced condition. Gynocomastia, more commonly known simply as “gyno”, is a condition that many teenagers deal with. It is an abnormal development of the mammary gland and is often influenced by puberty. Although this condition does often disappear following puberty, it still serves as a huge self-esteem killer in many adolescent males.

There are a number of different types of gynocomastia, all with varying symptoms and severities. While the typical puffy nipples type is found amongst younger males, glandular gynocomastia is actually caused by the use of anabolic steroids. Severe gynocomastia is comprised of extremely sagging skin tissue and enlarged breasts. Asymmetric gynocomastia occurs when one breast is distinctly larger than the other. While each of these forms of gyno allow for different symptoms, they are all still influenced by the hormonal factor.

Is there really any way to fix this condition, though? Unfortunately, other than waiting it out, there is no clear answer to this. Because gynocomastia is thought to be caused by some sort of hormonal imbalance, it has not been determined if or how certain activities influence it. The most common treatment for gynocomastia involves a lovely visit to the family doctor. There are multiple medications out there that work to reduce the severity of the condition. For more severe cases, surgery may even be recommended. Unfortunately, insurance does not provide much in the form of coverage for the procedure because it is deemed purely cosmetic.

If those options are a little too extreme for your liking, there are a couple of other possibilities out there. While wearing certain clothes is certainly not going to treat the condition, it may definitely help mask it. Wear larger than normal and baggy clothes and it is unlikely anyone will even be able to notice your gynocomastia. What they don’t know won’t hurt em’, right? But summer is coming around and if swimming is the thing to do in your area – swim with a shirt on. You might get a little flack, but at least swimming remains an option rather than sitting closed off and alone because of a very unfortunate condition brought on by the raging hormones of puberty.

Although it has not been determined just how much influence exercise has on this condition, it definitely can’t hurt to stay in shape. Hit the cardio hard and rough as often as you can handle it. Focus heavily on the chest and surrounding muscles in the gym in an attempt to harden up the tissue around the nipples. Don’t expect this to be a quick fix, though. As previously stated, exercise has not been directly linked to fixing this problem. However, exercise often helps to relieve stress and provide a heightened level of confidence and a solid self-esteem boost that may allow one to better handle this condition.

Follow these tips and your gyno will be gone before you know it! Just remember that it’s just a temporary condition. Live life regardless!


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