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PullandPop Paper Clip Dispenser from Jared Joyce


The Pull-and-Pop Paper Clip Dispenser

Friend to Office Supply Geeks everywhere, and accomplished Inventor, Jared Joyce has come up with yet another great idea that will help organize your office supplies and make you the envy of  your office mates.  The Pull-and-pop paper clip dispenser from Jared Joyce brings organization to a situation that is usually an unwieldy mess.  With this latest invention, Jared has transformed the traditionally messy magnetic paper clip dispenser into a “one at a time” organized and visually appealing addition for your desk.

A specially designed magazine of paper clips (kind of like a sleeve of staples) feeds into the bottom of this unit, and dispenses paper clips on an as needed basis.  When you take the one that is presented, it triggers a mechanism to dispense your next clip.  I know I’ve never had the desire to even own a paper clip dispenser just because they usually look so messy, but this item totally eliminates the eyesore that I typically associate with paper clip dispensers, and it dos it in a way that just looks fantastic and professional.  My first glance at the photos above reminded me of something that I would see in a modern art museum because of how clean and simple the lines are, but on top of all of that, this paper clip dispenser really brings a new twist to a tired old product.

As with many of Jared’s other inventions, he is promoting this on the social product development site, Quirky.  If you like the looks of this product, head on over to the product page on quirky where you can give suggestions and feedback on each step of the product development process and in turn you can be rewarded with “influence” points that let you earn a percent of the product’s future revenue.  Once you have checked out this cool paper clip dispenser on Quirky.com, don’t forget to stop by Jared’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well.  Many thanks to Jared Joyce for sharing his great new products with us.  Hopefully each of you can help support him on Quirky with your votes and comments, and make this and his other product come to market.

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