Purchasing Topical Flea Treatments

One of the annoyances of owning a cat or dog is the unwelcome infestation of fleas. Not only does your pet suffer but it can be aggravating for you as well. Bites from fleas can be painful, itchy and cause dermatitis.

When it comes to commercial products, there are several topical treatments for pets that have been proven to be effective. One of the products, Frontline, not only kills fleas but is also effective in killing ticks too.

A product called Program is less harmful to people than many of the commercial brands. The product only kills the eggs of fleas though and will not rid the animal of adult fleas. Nevertheless, the product is safer for anyone coming into contact with your pet, especially kids.

Advantage is a prescribed topical product for killing fleas and has been proven to work well. Unlike Program though, children should stay away from your pet after you apply the product. Although it performs extremely well when it comes to killing fleas it doesn’t kill ticks.

Another flea product, K-9 Advantix, not only kills fleas it’s also helpful in annihilating ticks and other insects like mosquitoes. However, the product can only be used on dogs. It’s not recommended for cats.

Revolution is a flea application and more. The product prevents a flea’s eggs from hatching, destroys the adult population and also eradicates heartworms.

Flea applications come in a number of forms such as bombs and shampoos; yet, a topical application is still the best choice in permanently ridding your cat or dog of a flea problem.

In addition to topical applications, bathing your pet can also alleviate the situation. Some cats may be rather resistant to the idea of a bath but you can kill the majority of fleas in your dog’s coat by routine bathing. Although a bath assists in controlling fleas, it won’t destroy a flea’s eggs or any fleas that have managed to make your house a home. Therefore, topical applications along with bathing are both essential to killing fleas.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of using commercial products, then several natural remedies can help. One way to control fleas is to keep your pet inside. Most indoor pets rarely have a flea problem. Of course, not everyone is able to do this. If you have a small pet though and don’t like the idea of using chemical applications, then keeping your pet inside can often stop any kind of problem with the pests.

Regular grooming is a natural method that can assist in eradicating fleas too. Using a fine-toothed comb can help in this regard. Also herbal flea collars can prevent flea infestation. Diatomaceous earth is a non-chemical remedy for killing fleas. Sharp, tiny edges on the soil destroy the exoskeleton of insects which causes the pest to die of dehydration. It’s a safe type of soil that can be used around your pet’s bedding and may be more convenient to use than a flea bath.

Vacuuming each day can also reduce a flea population although it will not entirely get rid of it. Therefore, topical applications offer the best solution to permanently destroy fleas if you want a happier and healthier pet.


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