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Purple Paper Mate Flair

I won’t pretend to be the worlds biggest Prince fan, but I really liked a few of his songs.  As a big music fan in general, I think its worth recognizing how much influence he had on the music that we all listen to today.  To be honest, this story has always been one of my favorite sports/entertainment stories especially when you visualize the 5’4″ Prince doing this to the house of Boozer who is nearly a foot and a half taller than Prince at 6′ 9″.  Anyway, I thought the perfect tribute would be to dig up a purple pen and draw this.  For some reason I wasn’t thrilled with the pens I was finding until I came across my pack of Paper Mate Flair pens, the name (and obviously the color) seemed like the perfect fit.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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