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Putting The Article Directory To Work

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 01/22/2010
  • Copywriting

There are numerous platforms available for marketing within both traditional and online media circles. Ranging from paid to free options, the variety can most certainly add value to any marketing campaign that one may be considering. The option under discussion here is that of the article directory, of which many exist, however many of these are not professionally managed and consistently promoted to ensure that both the reader and the writer of and for the specific directory in question are getting the maximum value and benefit of the content posted. In mentioning the management of the article directory, one will notice that some of the directories on the internet will provide articles, that are either blatant advertising messages, whilst some of the articles are certainly lacking basic grammar and structure. To this end the editors and management of the directory, and who ensure strict editorial and publication guidelines command the respect of both the readers and writers of the article directory. This is because the readers will appreciate good quality, as well as the fact that many people extract information from this information source for use upon their own site; whilst publishers of articles will appreciate the more discerning reader being exposed to a higher level of quality.

In order to maximise both the content as well as the process of submission to the article directory one should familiarise

yourself with not only the guidelines and rules set by the editorial team, but also specific tactics and strategies that will ensure maximum readership of the published work. This is obviously important as the reason for submitting such content is to generate both awareness as well as possible leads for the offer or service that is specific to the article. These strategies vary according to the various so called gurus, and whilst one might say that a short article is better another might prefer a longer article. What is important though is that your credibility must be created and enhanced within the posted content. Whether this can be done in three hundred or seven hundred words would determine the extent and length of the content itself. Another major benefit of the article directory is that it probably represents one of the most cost effective means of marketing, specifically for the online efforts and businesses of the internet marketer. Whether the individual outsources article writing or does this him or herself, the process itself is free. So therefore any clicks or visitors that are generated from this directory of information, and the content itself represents a massive return on investment. However the content should entice the visitor to click through, that is essentially the point of this activity.

Selecting the right article directory is also key to generating the anticipated interest, and one can do so by monitoring their practices as well as their guidelines, ensuring consistent quality from the submissions.



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