Putting Up Your Dogs for Adoption


Authored by Rodney Southern in Dogs
Published on 02-28-2009

Putting up your dogs for adoption can seem like a daunting task. It is actually quite easy with a little bit of advertisement. This can be done fairly quickly or over time if you prefer. Just be sure to advertise in reputable places or you risk placing your dogs in the hands of those who may not take care of them.

The first step in putting up your dogs for adoption is getting people interested in your dogs. Dogs that are housebroken, spayed, wormed and vaccinated have a better chance of finding a good home. You also want to make sure that your dogs have been treated for fleas and ticks. Also, bathe and clean your dog before you have people come to look at him or her.

When you put your dogs up for adoption be sure to advertise effectively. Local newspapers and online classified ads are a great place to start. You may also want to run an ad through your local dog rescue. They can help you find a great home for your dogs.

If your dogs are a pure-breed, be sure to state this. Some dog rescues specialize in pure-bred dogs so be sure to list your dog with them. These shelters will also screen potential applicants so you can be sure your dogs will find good homes.

When you place an ad about the dogs you have for sale, be sure to include photos of your dogs. You are more likely to get responses if you have some good, clear photos of your dogs. Taking some photos of your dogs when they are doing something cute is another good way to attract people to your dogs.

When you write the ad, be sure to write good descriptions of all of the dogs up for adoption. Be specific about their age, habits, color, hair type and any good traits that they have. If your dogs are very playful or a bit on the lazy side be sure to state this. Be perfectly honest, or those who adopt your dogs may want to return them.

When you place your ad, be sure to add any and all contact information. If you only list your home telephone number, but are never home, potential owners will never be able to let you know that they are interested in your dogs. Give an email address, cell phone number and home phone number if possible. Also, be sure to have some type of voicemail or an answering machine so that people can leave their contact information if you are not available.

Putting up your dogs for adoption is a good way to find them happy homes. As long as you place good ads and provide easy ways to contact you, you should have no trouble finding them good homes. Always be sure to screen all applicants to make sure that your dogs find a home as loving as your own.


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