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Quash Bench Warrants with Lawyer’s Help

Bench warrants are very different from arrest warrants. In case of arrest warrant, police has to formally request the judge to issue the warrant. This warrant marks the beginning of a criminal case. Bench warrants springs up at the middle of a criminal case, It is used usually when the judge finds out contempt of court.

Contempt of court

In Las Vegas judger considers contempt of court when one neglects to follow proper judicial procedures. The actions include

·         Missing a court date

·         Failure to pay fine, to carry on community services or to attend counseling

·         Neglecting any other court order

If an individual is found guilty of contempt of court, it is not necessary that the judge will issue a bench order in every case. Based on the type of case the judge ay fine the individual or send the person to jail. The judge may order bench warrant if you refuse to testify before grand jury. In Las Vegas, the judges issue bench warrants only when they believe that there is something wrong done by you. The bench warrants permit law enforcement officers to arrest the guilty person.

Ways to recall bench warrants

Once the judge issues the bench warrant ordering you to appear in court, your name is added to national database. Police may arrest you any time even if you have not anything wrong. If the underlying case in which you are already involved is not that serious chances are there that the police officers will not actively seek for you. In such circumstances, bench warrant will remain outstanding until you appear with your lawyer to suppress it.

It is essential to remove warrant from the judicial system as soon as possible. Otherwise the police will have license to arrest you on sight. One of the common reason for which Las Vegas court issues bench warrant if the person does not show up at the scheduled date in court. A bench warrant will be valid if issued within 45 days from the date on which you have failed to attain the court or done something wrong. If Las Vegas Warrant is issued later, it can be recalled by a skilled lawyer.

If the warrant is there for an arrest, your lawyer can file a motion with the court to recall or remove the warrant. Usually a date will be provided on which you can visit the court with your lawyer and remove the warrant.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is a lawyer who has removed many bench warrants. In his blogs he has mentioned that people neglect Las Vegas Warrants and is suddenly arrested by police. It is thus essential to appoint a lawyer and remove the warrant the moment it is issued.


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