Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding
Published on 12-25-2009

Food is everything when it comes to a wedding reception. This is why it is so important to really shop around to find the best possible wedding caterer available. The right company can feed your guests high quality food at affordable prices. Take the time to not only research what people have to say about area caterers and their services but to also meet with such professionals in person. The following are some key questions to ask a wedding caterer when deciding which is best for you and your event.

One of the first things you need to do is talk about the number of people who will be attending this wedding reception. Ask about potential catering companies what it will cost to feed this many people. Experienced caterers will be able to take this tentative number and explain just how much will be needed.

See what ideas such caterers have. The best professionals will ask you what you like and what you want your wedding reception to be like. Hear what ideas a caterer has and see if they are open to building on your ideas. The best caterers will have some fun ideas that will make your wedding that much more unique.

Always ask a wedding caterer what their rates are like. There will be rates for the food and its preparation and transportation, and there may be rates for additional services like staff to serve the food, serving utensils, plates, and other items. The more specific a wedding caterer is about the rates and services they offer, the better able you will be to decide if they are right for your wedding and for your budget.

Be sue to ask companies how they handle pick-up and clean-up after the reception. Some groups will drop off the food and allow you to deal with it whereas others may come back for leftovers and to pick up things like serving utensils. Ask about what will happen if the reception goes over its allotted time limit.

See if the caterer will not only provide appetizers and entrees for your wedding but also the wedding cake. Finding a caterer who also makes wedding cakes could save you a great deal of time and money. After all, this means that you have one less person to call and that you may be able to cut an inclusive deal that includes the cake, appetizers, and other wedding reception food and drink items.

Always ask caterers about their experience with weddings. You shouldn’t work with novices on your big day. A wedding is a big event that requires a high level of professionalism. Caterers who have experience with weddings will be able to manage their time, produce larger amounts of food, and will be most likely familiar with the types of items and services you require for your wedding reception. The more experience a caterer has with this type of wedding, the more certain you can be that you will receive high quality food and service.


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