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Quick And Healthy Cooking from LG UK

The microwave has long been frowned upon as a cooking device – with the numerous cookery shows saturating our evening television watching, the occasions where Jamie or Nigella have removed something from a microwave have to be second to none.

However, technology is changing – consumer needs are changing and people want more but in less time.

LG UK being the attentive brand it is, have foreseen such demands, and right on time they have created the appropriate technology to suit the consumer demand for healthier meals in a flash – up to four times faster in fact.

With the introduction of the healthy ‘steam’ technology, we take a closer look at this new way of thinking.

Fast Cooking

To lock in all the flavour and goodness into your meals, LG uses Lightwave Technology; a multi-heating system designed specifically to cook your food in a healthier, tastier, gourmet-standard with minimum fuss.

SolarCube technology keeps your food moist, tender and bursting with flavour by using powerful halogen lights to cook the outside of your food, much like conventional radiant heat, but at the same time penetrates the surface so the inside is cooked too.

Steam Cooking: The Healthier Option

We mentioned the healthy steam function above, and here it is; where the Lightwave function/technology offers the speed and power of microwave cooking; steam offers the health benefits of, well, steam cooking. Just like you would do so on the hob or in a separate steamer.

Removing excess fat and locking in more of the healthy nutrients that your body needs to function, steam penetrates deeper into your food and keeps your food fresher.

Save Energy, Save Money

You may start to think that with all the added technology on offer, and the speed at which your food can be cooked, that this product would be inefficient, but you’d be wrong.

The multi heating system is not just efficient but super efficient – it slashes energy consumption up to 40% compared to conventional units. Which in turn, saves you money.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a fan of LG UK.


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