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Quick Correction on Black n' Red Soft Cover Notebooks

The other day I posted about two newer Black n’ Red notebook offerings that I ordered.  My mistake was thinking that these were both soft cover versions of the Black n’ Red line, but after having received them from Amazon I can now see that this was not in fact true.  I should also have been more inquisitive after a comment left on that post by one of our readers.  Above you can see the two items that actually showed up after I ordered.  On top is a back soft cover and below is a red hard cover.  Let me share with you in some screen shots so my mistake and lesson learned can hopefully hope some of you avoid any mistake purchases in the future.

Going to the original listing for the Black n’ Red Soft Cover on Amazon brings you to the page showing the actual item in the description.  As you can see with the chicken scratch red circles in the screen shot above though you can see where I made my mistake.  Notice the item description at the top still says “Soft Cover” while in the red circle below you can see it says “Click to select Red” on the color selection.  That little box that says “click to select red” shows up when your mouse hovers over the option, but the screen capture didn’t capture my mouse pointer.  At this point I have not actually clicked on the red option.


After actually selecting the red option, you can see in the screen shot above that the description subtly changes to show that the red is actually the “Hard Cover” version.  Most of the rest of the text remained the same except the model # which might make sense if it were really just the same product but different color.  Maybe I’ve missed similar situations like this before in other postings on Amazon, or maybe I was just being really lazy when I missed this, but I do find it a bit confusing and misleading to have two completely different products listed on the same page like this.  My apologies for any confusion with this, and if you mistakenly purchased the red version based off the information I shared here on the site, shoot me an email and I’ll take care of the situation for you.

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