Quick Cures for Diaper Rash for Your Infant


Authored by Rodney Southern in Child and Teen Health
Published on 03-13-2009

Any parent can tell you that diaper rash can be one of the most bothersome ailments among infants alike. It makes them irritable from the discomfort but luckily enough there are several quick cures from diaper rash for your infant. In fact many of the cures for diaper rash can be found within your pantry.

Pharmacies carry dozens of ointments and creams claiming to be quick cures for diaper rash. From Johnson and Johnson, Aveeno, Desitin, to Burt’s Bees many of the so called cures for diaper rash can take up to several hours to soothe the diaper rash. Ask the parent of an infant, and chances are they will tell you that several hours is almost an eternity when diaper rash is involved.

One of the quickest cures for diaper rash is simply giving your infant a bath in oatmeal. Oatmeal should be first ran through a food processor to create a powder which allows the natural healing powers of oatmeal to be better absorbed by water. Suggested usage should be 1-2 tablespoons of powdered oatmeal to a gallon of water.

Apple cider vinegar serves as a cure for diaper rash when added to a warm bath. Suggested usage is ¼ cup to a full bath. The vinegar works as a cure for diaper rash by helping to neutralize the irritating ph found in urine. Sure, your baby may smell like Easter eggs for a few minutes but they will thank you for the relief.

Another quick cure for diaper rash although unconventional, is Chapstick. Apply Chapstick to your baby’s bottom after changing. This cure for diaper rash is easily available and far less expensive in comparison to ointments.

While not a cure for diaper rash, sprinkling corn starch on your infant’s bottom after a diaper rash will help to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash. Corn starch eliminates excess moisture between diaper changes and unlike baby powder is easy on your infant’s lungs.

While there are many quick cures for diaper rash, the best cure for diaper rash is prevention. Diaper rash can be prevented by taking these simple steps:

Keep baby dry-frequent changing prevents diaper rash by avoiding prolonged exposure to urine which is harmful to baby’s skin

Avoid irritants-when choosing products for your infant avoid fragrance and dyes. This is true for everything from baby wipes and bath products, to laundry detergents.

Allow some naked time-allowing your infant’s bottom some time to air out will do wonders.

Even if preventative measures fail and your infant does experience diaper rash, don’t be alarmed. It happens to the best of us. These quick cures for diaper rash are easily accessible, and effective for doing just that…Curing diaper rash.


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