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Quirky Cordies Cable Management Accessory


Cordies With Cables

Quirky has tons of cool office supplies to help you keep your desk organized, and one of those items are the Quirky Cordies that help keep your cables organized and easily accessible.  The Quirky Cordies give you the ability to easily access and organize 4 cables.


Cordies Front View

Conceptually, the Quirky Cordies is a pretty simple and straightforward design.  Its a solid weighted rubber block with some flexible and even spaced rubber fins that extend out from the top.  Each fin has enough space between it to wedge most usb cables, headphone cables, or other similarly sized cables in there.


Cordies Side View

This other view of the Quirky Cordies cable management system just shows the hole that goes through the entire set of fins.  It really doesn’t serve any purpose that I could think of, but you can definitely stick a pen through there if you aren’t using it to manage your desktop cables.


Cordies Bottom

This has got to officially be the most boring picture ever posted here, but it does serve a little bit of a purpose.  Besides the nicely weighted feel of the Cordies cable management system I thought it was also important to show that it has a rubber underside.  Between the nice weight and the rubber bottom, this thing really stays put when you pull your cables through the fins.


Cordies With Lots of Cables

Although the Cordies are actually designed to hold four different cables or wires, I actually found that you can get away with a few more if you are strategic about it.  The way that the rubber fins bend and flex a little lets you put even some thicker cables in there.  If you want to double up and put multiple cables between one set of fins, just make sure you put a thinner cable in first and then a thicker one on top.  This helps keep the fins tight together so the cables don’t slip out.


Cordies Package

For only $5, the Quirky Cordies are a great option for organizing your cables, but you might want to find some other products at Quirky because $3.00 for shipping on a $5 product might not be the best spend of your money.

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