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Quo Vadis Plan and Note Weekly Open Format Planner


Its a little late in the year for a planner review, however I wanted to get this Quo Vadis Plan and Note review posted regardless because its a great little tool.  The version we are looking at here which was sent over by our friends at Exaclair is the desk size version that measures 6″ x 8.25″ and is made in the US.


The rubbery soft cover has the date stamped into the cover in the center, as well as the Quo Vadis logo in the bottom right corner.  Both of these are very subtle, especially in contrast with the nice turquoise accents of the binding and elastic closure strap.  The elastic closure strap on the Quo Vadis Plan and Note is pretty solid feeling and seems like it will last, one of my pet peeves is a flimsy elastic closure and this one feels like one of the better that I’ve come across.


In the very front of the Quo Vadis Plan and Note there is a page for your personal information followed by a full one year calendar.  I love how the full year calendar also has a left side column that counts each week as well, its a nice extra that I don’t often see on calendar formats like this.


Just past the 2017 monthly calendar you will find the 2018 Anno-Planning page to help you get started on your planning for 2018.  This is a format I’m not entirely familiar with but I can certainly see how it would be a nice feature to help get your future obligations identified at a high level so you can transfer them to a full 2018 calendar when the time comes.


Next up you will find a set of monthly calendar pages for the current year.  Each of these pages require you to turn the planner to the side as their orientation is not the same as the rest of the pages in the planner.  You can also see here that the bottom outside corner (top left with this orientation) is perforated so you can rip it off as you go along to make finding the current page easier as there is no ribbon page finder in these.


The meat of the Quo Vadis Plan and Note is made up of these weekly pages that you see above.  As with the rest of the pages, the accents match the color used for the binding and the elastic closure strap.  The open format of each day on this page doesn’t force you to confine information to hourly blocks as you find with many planners.  Its more of a free form layout hat allows you to just use it as you see best for your own personal needs.

Quo Vadis Plan and Note Writing Sample:


One other thing that the format in this planner does that I really like is that it allows for the same amount of space for your week end days as it does for your regular week days.  I feel like my weekends are short enough as is, so I hate when planners cram Saturday and Sunday into one really small area.  Much like any Quo Vadis or Exaclair product for that matter, the planner is definitely fountain pen friendly with its 90gsm paper.  I found that my fountain pen in flowed smoothly and didn’t feather or bleed on this paper, although you will want to make sure you give it ample time to dry.

The very back of the Quo Vadis Plan and Note has about 5 pages split out by chunks of the alphabet to be used as an address book, which in the day and age of smart phones is actually a good thing.  I personally keep a sheet of paper with emergency contact numbers in my wallet in case my phone dies or goes missing, so this is another great place to have that info.  To the right of that there are two more pages of simple ruled space for quick notes.


Overall, the Quo Vadis Plan and Note with its weekly open format is a very solid option for your planning needs.  Due to its simple but great looking design, well thought out layout, and the high quality materials and construction this will get you through all 365 days, and have you looking forward to picking up your next one sometime in October or November of next year.  Thanks again to the folks at Exaclair for sending over this great little planner!

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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