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Ramay Swingcut Scissors for Easier Cutting


Raymay Swingcut Scissors (front) Hinge Compared to Standard Scissors (rear)

In my recent perusing of the new stuff over on the JetPens website, I came across something pretty cool.  These Ramay Swingcut Scissors  that come in three different versions over on JetPens offer a pretty unique design that makes for more effortless and easy cutting.  As you can see, the hinge where the two blades of the scissors meet is offset (ie. lower) than on a traditional pair of scissors where the hinge is pretty much in the center.


Raymay Swingcut Scissors In Package

As you can see from reading the package…um, no wait, never mind I have no idea what it says.  But seriously, this version of the Ramay Swingcut Scissors has fluorine coating on the blades, which is actually supposed to help keep the blades from attracting anything sticky, like if you are cutting open packing tape or anything similar with them.  I actually did some testing by taking a few wadded up balls of packing tape and cutting into them multiple times and there was not one bit of tape or sticky residue that stuck to the blades on these.  I’ve had much less exposure to sticky stuff like that have an impact on a pair of scissors.  The other versions are a standard blade with no special coating or material, just stainless steel, and then there is also a titanium version which is designed to remain sharp when cutting tougher materials like cardboard.  The picture above is another great shot that shows the unique offsetting of the hinge for the blades of these scissors.


Raymay Swingcut Scissors Handle Padding

Before we take a closer look at the actual cutting performance of the Ramay Swingcut Scissors, I wanted to squeeze in a picture of the grips.  Its hard to see because both are a dark charcoal black color, but the inside of the finger loops here have a different surface.  Its a more rubbery and tactile feeling material that helps keep a good grip and give you good control over the scissors.  The inside of the handles where they meet as you close them also has a little extra touch of rubber coating designed to soften both the sound and feel when you clamp down with them.


Raymay Swingcut Scissors Paper Pusher

There is no question that the Raymay Swingcut scissors provide a much more effortless and easy cutting experience.  You can definitely cut through paper or slightly thicker stock with minimal effort just from the shifted pivot point of the blades.  The offset blade actually accomplishes two things at once though.  In addition to the more effortless cutting, the hinge also operates as a paper pusher that guides the cut paper out of the way of the blade movement.  I’m sure you have all experienced cutting wrapping paper for the holidays or a birthday gift and had the cut part of the paper get in your way?  What you see in the picture above is how the pivot point on the blade actually guides the remaining cut paper under the hinge and keeps it out of the way of your cutting activities, which may seem minor, but definitely makes it much easier to cut through larger items.  These are available from our friends at JetPens if you do a lot of cutting and are looking for a way to reduce the stress and effort associated with that task.   Many thanks to JetPens for providing this sample free of charge for this review.

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