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Rawlings Baseball Glove Leather Briefcase Wallet and Packing Tape

Rawlings Leather Baseball Briefcase

So usually I like to plan and schedule reviews so that I can keep myself organized, but with the baseball season recently starting I saw this and couldn’t resist posting these Rawlings baseball glove leather brief cases because I never saw them before.  Obviously we have not reviewed these but like I said, I couldn’t pass up sharing this stuff out of my enthusiasm and excitement that baseball season is now upon us again.

Rawlings baseball leather wallet

Besides just the Rawlings baseball glove leather briefcase, there is also a Rawlings baseball glove leather wallet as you can see above.  You can check those out here as they are a bit more affordable than the Rawlings baseball glove leather briefcase.  If money were no object and I wasn’t already eyeing a third carry option for my daily work commute I’d be all over this, but for now it will have to wait.

Baseball stitching packing tape

One last baseball related office supply item that I forgot I shared over on our Tumblr blog is the baseball stitching packing tape.  If you are wrapping or shipping something for a big baseball fan, thais baseball tape is a huge must have for that prson.  This is a good reminder that you should check out our Tumblr Blog because we don’t necessarily post everything from there over on here or the other way around.  I hope you enjoy these baseball related office supplies, and if you have any others of your own that you would like to share the comments section is open for just that reason so get in there. 🙂

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