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Reading in word groups creates concepts

  • By Jay Polmar
  • Published 04/14/2011
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It is amazing how human beings marvel at machines, get all excited about cell phones and tiny computers, when we are walking around in the most complex complicated mineral-based electrical impulse-operated system ever invented. The human body records, and reacts to various senses, then transfers and dispenses commands in a nanosecond. The brain is the super operating system housed in a convenient self-recharging carrying case.The programs devised and presented by  help us to do a disk clean and  defrag so we can start to organize the jumbled information we’ve accumulated through life. Hey! Here is the chance to start living up to your full potential. Let’s start with how we intake data.

When we read, our eyes naturally make small stops and starts along the lines of type on a page. One common trait of poor readers is too many eye stops and starts. Not only does this slow you down, but it inhibits comprehension because meaning is easier to pull from groups of words rather than from individual words or even single letters. Try to read in phrases of three or four words, especially in complete clauses and prepositional phrases. The courses offered here teach techniques for becoming a vibrant force to be reckoned with.  Speedread.org expects you, as a bare minimum to read and understand more in much less time. Maximally, we expect remarkable success. The Be Dynamics method is geared toward people who need to read large volumes of material for work or school. We also want to reach out the folk

s that, for one reason or another, have not been able to master the written word. I want you to know the joy of picking up a book in Tennessee and have it take you to France or transport you to the Wild West to ride the range. Books, there is nowhere that you can’t go. Even if you are just learning for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!Time is money, and the more time saved, the more it can be applied to more important or interesting endeavors. It seems like no matter how quickly we learn to do something, it can never be done quickly enough. This especially is true in today’s breakneck business pace, proper time management is the key to an edge in this modern competitive world. Getting the jump on the competition is important and requires planning skills, plus the ability to read and learn detailed complicated information and make decisions on when and how to use that data quickly, is important to anyone’s success. Speed reading allows individuals to read a large amount of written material much faster than the average person. Reading research faster, recalling and comprehending the material. Learn to improve your reading ability, life, perspective, and achieve your life goals through the material presented in our Online Library of speed reading and self-help publications.Success is yours. Double efficiency and productivity. Be A Speed Reader.. Be A Speed Reader Double Your Reading Speed, Learn How in Minutes. Amaze Yourself and Others. Amaze Yourself and  Others nopicture-8480772

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by Jay Polmar



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