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Reasons for Appointing a Solicitor for a Workplace Injury Claim

  • By Daniel smith
  • Published 02/10/2012

Filing a claim for compensation regarding an accident at work may be a difficult thing for an employee. This is understandable as such a situation may lead to a legal confrontation between the employer and the employee. If you were a victim of injuriesfor which your employer was responsible, you need to file a claim for compensation with the Injuries Board Ireland and, if necessary, at court later. Injuries at work may be the result of a recent accident or acquired over a span of time.

Appointing a solicitor is advantageous in such a circumstance for many reasons. How can a legal expert be of help? Here are the responsibilities the legal advisors can take care of for you.

Help with establishing the existence of a claim: An individual suffering physical and/or psychological injury at the workplace may file a claim for compensation from the employer. However, it would not be possible if you sustain no real injuries. You may also file a claim if the accident left no physical injuries but the psychological trauma made it necessary for you to get medical aid.

Assistance with establishing the liability of the employer: Filing an injury compensation claim is possible whether your employer was directly or indirectly liable for the incident. If any breach of the workplace related health and safety standards leads to an accident, the employer is responsible for it, and the resultant injuries that an employee sustained. Accidents resulting from unsafe premises, defective equipment or machinery, and lack of training may also be the responsibility of the employer.

Advise you about the legal procedure whatever your employment status: Whether you work as a full-time employee or a contractual employee, you may have a claim. However, identifying the right defendant is necessary for this. Moreover, the legal procedure of injury claims may also differ slightly due to this. A solicitor would be able to advise you regarding the legal procedure appropriate to your specific circumstance.

Take care of the paperwork associated with the claim: Whether you were reporting your case to the Ireland Injuries Board or taking the claim to court, you have to deal with a lot of paperwork. For example, you have to complete and submit the application form to the Injuries Board to claim for compensation. Handling the paperwork may be a bewildering thing for someone with no legal knowledge. Moreover, any error in this may lead to problems later. It is better to let a solicitor handle these for you.

Act as your legal representative: Your lack of legal knowledge makes it difficult to handle the different steps in the procedure. On the other hand, a solicitor has the necessary knowledge, training and experience to handle every step associated with an injury at work claim. You would need a solicitor if the claim reaches court. However, it is better to appoint a solicitor when you get in touch with the Injuries Board.

If you think that the injuries you suffer in an accident at work is due to the negligence or fault of your employer, it is better to consult a solicitor and enquire whether filing a claim would be the right thing to do.

Author Bio

Daniel Smith is a legal advisor. He provides tips and suggestions for individuals suffering injuries at work when they want to make a claim. Whether you sustain head and neck injury, back injury, or any other injuries, he suggests you to visit http://www.accidentclaimsdirect.ie/for more details of the legal process.



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