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Reasons For Hiring An Online Content Developer Today

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 11/30/2011
  • Writing for the Web

When it comes to PR, there are two types of publicity that is available for you. The first thing is providing the content. So your online content developer can provide the content to the media outlet and that’s a way of getting publicity and the second aspect is being in the content. The first thing is providing the content for internet marketing reviews. Magazines and TV shows for that matter and newspapers and all that sort of thing, need the content to sell the magazines. They need articles, need features for their commentary. That’s why people buy. People are buying the magazine for the content of the magazine. The other side of the coin is, magazines aren’t there to sell content. Magazines are in the business of selling advertising. The content, that an online content writer creates is a wrapper around those advertisements to get people to read the ads, it’s all the content is there for from a media perspective. So if you can show content to them, it’s going to help them sell more magazines. You’re helping them out and they’re going to help you out by giving you that exposure. When it comes down to pitching your aweber review content, what you’re trying to do is work out a way to pitch your content to the media to help them out. The media need content that interests their audience period, it’s all it comes down to. So you need to prove that your content helps. There are different ways that you can prove that your content is relevant to their marketplace.

For example, if you have a blog on yo

ur website, and it’s getting comments and it’s getting interaction from readers, it shows that you’re already an authority in that particular space. You can say that there’s social proof there because people like the things that I am writing. So if you can show that people are enjoying interacting with the material you’re writing, why aren’t the magazines going to jump all over it, because, well, they are. It shows that there’s already some interaction there. Where Twitter can work for you is in that market leadership status. If you have a Twitter account where you talk about small business things,optimize press review, seo course and all that sort of thing and you have a following, you can have your online content developer turn around to the magazine and say, look, I am an expert on business consulting and I want to write for small business. I have a following of 10,000 Twitter followers. It’s pretty impressive. They’re going to say, well, you must know what you’re talking about because you’ve built this following on your own; there’s that implied authority status.

There are Facebook fans. If you’ve got a Facebook page and you can show your Facebook page has 10,000 fans or 10,000 followers or whatever it might be, you are an expert in that space. If you can go to some of the craft magazines in Australia and say, I’ve got a blog, I let my online content developer write about craft and I’m getting many comments here and I’ve got a Facebook page with three hundred fans, it proves you’re an authority. It saves the magazine doing their own due diligence on you. It looks like you’re already an authority and they will just say, yes, great, let’s start talking.



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