Recession Proof Jobs For A Tough Economy

While factories are closing down and the banks are broke, there are still jobs on the market for people willing to make a new career. If you want to make sure that the job you choose is recession proof, why not consider one of the following?

A couple of jobs in the public service area are more than recession proof. Why not become a teacher, and really make a difference in the life of many youngsters? Being a teacher can, for those who really love the interaction with young ones, be a most rewarding and fulfilling job that never gets to you.

Nursing belongs to the same category. Nowadays, most western countries have a shortage of trained medical personnel. With or without a diploma (in my country, students who have followed studies in caretaking can go and work in nursing homes or infant daycare centers) the work is guaranteed. Just like teaching, nursing is a very rewarding profession and gets you a lot of respect.

In the utilities sector, there are a number of jobs that need to be done, recession or no recession. A good plumber always has work, just like a carpenter or electrician. Although lots of people turn to do-it-yourself to deal with the high costs of renovations, there are still certain things that they can’t do themselves. They will then need to be helped by a professional. Why not start a repair service? Most people don’t know how to repair their car, their bike, … Someone who’s handy and can fix most things, has a golden future.

In emerging markets like India, China and the Middle East, there is now a high demand for network administrators. These are responsible for the design and management of the physical and technical structure of a company’s communication tools. Things such as shared files, e-mail, teleconferencing and company websites are examples. In North America and Europe companies are upgrading their networks. If you don’t have the right credentials, then you can find relevant training at community colleges and other outfits.

Accountants and bookkeepers are also not short of work. Tax work remains to be done, along with the preparation of the company’s quarterly reports. This must go on, despite the state of the economy.

Farmers need to be there to ensure that the world’s population has enough to eat. Many young people don’t want to become a farmer because of the hard work it demands, but it can be very rewarding for those who believe in it.

Another industry that will always attract attention (and income) is the world of entertainment. Of course, not everybody is a singer, or acrobat. But for whose with the ability, there are good jobs to be found. People will continue to read books and to watch films and television. They will want to see a great act in the circus, and will pay money to hear their favorite singer or band. Entertainment doesn’t only mean these performers, but also the people working around them like the stage builders, technicians, etc.


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